The massive e-waste is the most significant issues in environmental change. The government is taking significant actions by formulation stringent rules and regulations to eradicate the problem. Now it is compulsory for all manufacturers to dispose off all the end-of-life products. The major issue with the rule is that it will cast an enormous burden on all producers to manage a whole new facility for e-waste management.

A new plant will need new workers, and it requires a lot of monetary resources, time, planning and execution. The good news is that Virogreen India Pvt Ltd,one of the top e-waste recycling centers in Bangalore is offering e-waste solutions against above mentioned problem as a third party. As we are certified by Central Pollution control Board (CPCB) in India, we strictly adhere to all the rules and regulation formulated by CPCB.

Services that we offer

The process of disposing of e-waste is quite lengthy. We follow each of the processes with the plan that have been approved by the government.

Collecting e-wastes:

We will collect all your e-waste from various sources such as pick up point, sellers, vendors and retailers.


We will transport all the collected e-waste to our facility through secure vault vehicles.


We follow extreme safety measures during handling of e-wastes. Some components such as dead batteries, mercury and lead-based items are hazardous to handle. We follow all the safety guidelines by CPCB while treating such wastes.

After that, we segregate all the items, dismantles and recycles them in our facility by using our most cutting edge technology.

Extraction and Reverse Logistics

We at Virogreen, have a team of skilled labors and advanced technology. We have made it possible to extract all precious metals like gold, silver, aluminium, iron and other metals from electronic items and electrical products. We also salvage components whose life cycle has not ended. All those salvage items can be used as raw materials for remanufacturing and resalable products.


After the successful extraction and recycling of goods, we finally dispose of all the leftover e-wastes while making it sure to maintain the safety standard without harming the environment.

Processes we deal with

Electrical and Electronic Recycling

We recycle all the electronics and electrical items such as TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, fluorescent lights, mercury-based lamps, batteries, monitors, circuits, electronic boards, scanners, printers and all other such items.

Data erasure and data destruction

We ensure a safe and non-extraction based data erasure services. We also have advanced technology that is more efficient than any other. We ensure the best non-recoverable data destruction services.

If you have any doubts and queries regarding our services, feel free to mail us or contact usat our 24X7 helpline number, we will be happy to help you out.